Dynamic U.S. Inflation Strategy

The Dynamic U.S. Inflation Strategy is a quantitatively-based strategy that utilizes macroeconomic and financial information to create portfolios that seek to outperform the rate of U.S. inflation (measured by Consumer Price Index or CPI) over a full market cycle of 3-5 years.

This strategy employs proprietary models to evaluate data over the course of the portfolio construction process. The portfolios are built using ETFs, and these funds can cover a variety of assets, sectors, assets types, and categories depending on the current inflationary environment as determined by Laffer Tengler Investments. This exposure can include, but is not limited to, domestic stocks, foreign stocks, broad market indices, commodities, bonds, currencies, and cash.  Positions can be held long and short.

ETF’s that sell short underlying securities or utilize leverage may be far more volatile and may potentially lose value in excess of non-leveraged or long only securities.

Strategy Leader: Arthur B. Laffer, Jr.
Strategy Team Member: Jason P. Weaver, CFA®

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