Nancy Tengler CEO & Chief Investment Officer

“My parents were divorced when I was very young, and I witnessed my mother work two jobs and struggle to raise the children. Although our situation may be viewed as hardship, I consider our family’s financial condition the main reason for my passion to pursue financial education and wellness. I began my investment management career in the trust department of a bank. There I quickly realized that not only were there not enough women in client-facing positions at financial institutions but also women clients did not participate in the financial conversation at the same rate as their male counterparts. I took a special interest in how differently women and men managed their wealth. This curiosity led me to my lifelong desire to learn about different traits between the genders as strong investors.”

Nancy is a well-known financial expert who has been educating women about the importance of financial literacy for over three decades. As a senior member of the investment team at Laffer Tengler Investments, she is responsible for active equity management research and portfolio management as well as leading our wealth management services. 

She has also authored a book, “The Women’s Guide to Successful Investing“, which has been recognized by Business Insider as one of the top ten investing books to help navigate a turbulent market and one of the best financial books for investing from Clever Girl Finance