“We do more research, we’re less competitive so we have all the instincts that you need to be a good investor. We can multi task between left and right brain and you need to be able to do that to be a good investor so it’s a crime in my view that women don’t engage more in the process,” Nancy Tengler, Chief Investment Strategist with ButcherJoseph Asset Management said.

 Ladies, when it comes to your money, how involved are you?

How prepared are you for retirement?

What stocks do you own?

Are you investing enough?

Experts say these are the questions we need to ask ourselves.

And to answer them, financial expert Nancy Tengler says you just think of how you would put together that perfect outfit.

“Think about the way you design a wardrobe. You have a basic black dress and that’s the utility player, right? It generates boring returns but you can dress it up. These would be stocks like Johnson and Johnson or Chevron. And then you want to pop a color with your shoes. That’s your jazzy 30s, 40s company. And then you have a handbag and it has a purpose. It has some utility and some style like maybe an Apple or Microsoft or Facebook, so you think about building a portfolio the way you might build a wardrobe,” she said

She said right now the average family has $150,000 saved.

She recommends three to four million so you need to pay attention and start making some moves.