Wake me up when September ends? That may not be a possibility for investors who are trying to find a way to survive a volatile market. 

Nancy Tengler, CIO of Tengler Wealth Management, sat down with TheStreet to break down her thoughts on September trading and how she views the consumer right now.

So, what should you do in a historically rough month for the markets?

“I think make volatility your friend. So don’t be in a hurry. Wait and watch. If you do get pullbacks in the market like we did in August, and May and last December, then you step in and you buy the highest quality names that pay dividends that grow the dividends. That’s what I recommend to individuals, cause you do want to own stocks for the long term and none of us are smart enough to know when to get out and when to get back in. So you just upgrade the quality, you use the volatility to upgrade the quality of your holdings,” said Tengler.