Laffer Tengler Investments (“Laffer Tengler”), a leading wealth management firm, announced today updates to their portfolio management teams. 

Jason P. Weaver, CFA® who joins the firm as Head of Trading and Fixed Income Portfolio Manager will focus on the efficient execution of complex securities transactions and the management of Laffer Tengler’s fixed income strategies. Weaver has over 18 years of investment management experience spanning financial analysis, portfolio management, proprietary trading, research, and risk management. 

Also joining the team, David Jeffress has been promoted to Portfolio Manager and will be focused on Laffer Tengler’s dividend focused strategies and equity hedging products. Prior to joining the portfolio management team, Jeffress served as a Research Analyst for  one year with the firm. 

“Our strong portfolio management team brings together more than 130 years of experience,” says Nancy Tengler, Chief Investment Officer. “With our increasing focus on effective portfolio company management, we are delighted to welcome Jason to the team.  We are also pleased to recognize the great work that David has done over the last year with his promotion to Portfolio Manager. The wealth of investment experience that both Jason and David bring to the firm helps us to continue identifying creative strategies for our clients, as well as strengthen our already robust portfolio management team.”

Jason and David join a core team of professionals with extensive industry experience that oversee the following strategies:

  • Concentrated Equity: This is a low-turnover, high conviction deeply concentrated portfolio strategy.
    Strategy Team: Nancy Tengler, David Jeffress
  • Convertible: This strategy is a bottom up, value driven discipline that utilize convertible bonds and preferred stocks to maximize total return.
    Strategy Team: J. Stanley Rogers, Jr., Jason P. Weaver, CFA® 
  • Convertible Income: Compared to the Convertible portfolio, this strategy is designed to produce a higher level of current income with lower overall volatility. 
    Strategy Team: J. Stanley Rogers, Jr., Jason P. Weaver, CFA® 
  • Dividend Growth: This strategy uses fundamental stock evaluation to provide a high level of current dividend yield in addition to ongoing price appreciation. 
    Strategy Team: Steven F. Shepich, CFA® CPA, Nancy Tengler, David Jeffress
  • Dynamic U.S. Inflation: By using both macroeconomic and financial data to create investment portfolios, this strategy is designed to outperform inflation over time. 
    Strategy Team: Arthur B. Laffer, Jr., Jason P. Weaver, CFA® 
  • Equity Growth: With a primary focus on growth through high quality stocks, this strategy utilizes large-cap U.S. stocks. 
    Strategy Team: Nancy Tengler, David Jeffress 
  • Equity Income: This strategy uses a fundamental analysis to select stocks with an attractive dividend yield, growth, and the potential for capital appreciation. 
    Strategy Team: Nancy Tengler, David Jeffress
  • Fixed Income: This strategy utilizes Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to build diversified portfolios of fixed income investments. 
    Strategy Team: Arthur B. Laffer, Jr., Jason P. Weaver, CFA®
  • Global Equity: With aa focus on diversification and risk mitigation, these portfolios use ETFs to implement a growth or value investment style. 
    Strategy Team: Arthur B. Laffer, Jr., Nancy Tengler
  • Strategic Equity Income: This strategy provides an attractive and growing level of dividend and interest yield, with a secondary focus on capital appreciation. 
    Strategy Team: Nancy Tengler, J. Stanley, Rogers, Jr., Steven F. Shepich, CFA®, Jason P. Weaver, CFA®, David Jeffress

About Laffer Tengler Investments
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