Steven F. Shepich, CFA®, CPA

Senior Portfolio Manager

Steve Shepich started his career as a public accountant after he graduated from Ferris State University. His clients were predominately small businesses, and it was working with them that helped him realize successful businesses can consistently generate and grow cash flow.

He received his MBA in Finance from Wayne State University in 1994, and after graduation went to work for Olde Discount Corporation as an analyst following companies in the Technology sector.

In 1999, H&R Block purchased Olde. His role then evolved into a Model Portfolio Strategist in 2002, and he began to manage several equity model portfolios. In 2009, H&R Block was acquired by Ameriprise Financial and Steve continued to manage the model portfolios until leaving Ameriprise to join Laffer Investments as a Portfolio Manager in November 2011.

Steve currently acts as a strategy leader for the Dividend Growth portfolio.