Quarterly PSN Top Guns List published by Zephyr identifies best-in-class separate accounts, managed accounts, and managed ETF strategies.

Scottsdale, Ariz. Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc. was named to the PSN Top Guns List of best performing separate accounts, managed accounts, and managed ETF strategies for Q1 2023. The quarterly rankings, published by Zephyr on May 17, 2023, remain one of the most utilized references for investors and asset managers.

“With the growing interest in separately managed accounts, the PSN Top Guns List has attracted greater attention,” says Margaret Tobiasen, SVP of Data Distribution who cites PSN’s pioneering efforts as the first SMA database as the reason for the list’s popularity. “We are pleased to include them as a top performer.”

Laffer Tengler Investments’ Equity Income Strategy was named Top Gun 6 rating, meaning our Equity Income Strategy had an r-squared of 0.80 or greater relative to the style benchmark for the recent five-year period. Moreover, the strategy’s returns exceeded the style benchmark for the three latest three-year rolling periods. Products are then selected which have a standard deviation for the five-year period equal or less than the median standard deviation for the PSN Managed Account US Value peer group. The top ten information ratios for the latest five-year period then become the 6 Star Top Guns.

“With the growing interest in separately managed accounts, the PSN Top Guns List has attracted greater attention. We are pleased to include them as a top performer.”

Margaret Tobiasen, SVP of Data Distribution, PSN

The Laffer Tengler Equity Income Strategy invests in high-quality, large-cap stocks with strong growth potential and an above-market dividend yield. The primary investment focus is income, with capital appreciation as a secondary objective. The strategy typically holds 25-35 positions. The Equity Income investment strategy uses a time-tested stock valuation metric (pioneered by our team) that is a consistent and robust indicator of value: Relative Dividend Yield (“RDY”). RDY measures the yield of a particular stock compared to the yield of the S&P 500 and does so over long periods of time. Consequently, a rising RDY provides investors an opportunity to at least consider an underperforming, cheaply valued stock for purchase.

“We are pleased that our Equity Income Strategy has been named on the Top Guns List by PSN,” said Nancy Tengler, CEO and CIO of Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc. “We look forward to continuing to serve our clients with our time-tested investment strategies and our commitment to service.”

Through a combination of PSN’s proprietary performance screens, the PSN Top Guns List ranks products in six proprietary categories in over 75 universes based on continued performance over time.

The complete list of PSN Top Guns and an overview of the methodology can be located at https://psn.fi.informais.com/. Registration is required.

About Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc.

Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc., headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with national distribution and an office in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an asset management firm providing investment solutions to institutional, Platform, and high net worth clients. Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc., an investment advisor registered with the SEC, offers advisory services. Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc., is a ButcherJoseph company.

About PSN

For nearly four decades, PSN has been a top resource for investment professionals. Asset managers rely on Zephyr’s PSN to effectively reach institutional and retail investors. Over 2,800 firms, 285 universes, and more than 21,000 products comprise the PSN SMA database showing asset breakdowns, compliance, key personnel, ownership diversity, ESG, business objectives and strategy, style, fees, GIC sectors, fixed income ranges and full holdings. Unique to PSN is its robust historical database of nearly 40 Years of Data Including Net and Gross-of-Fee Returns. For more details on the methodology behind the PSN Top Guns Rankings or to purchase PSN Top Guns Reports, contact Margaret Tobiasen at Margaret.tobiasen@informa.com. Visit PSN online to learn more.

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